What is a Case Brief

Many law school students arrive at law school without understanding what is a case brief?  Law professors and law school training courses and law school prep classes take this into account by teaching what is a case brief, what is the case brief structure, and how to write a case brief.  In essence, to answer the question of what is a case brief, the case brief is short analysis of the appellate court’s written opinion.  The overall purpose of writing a case brief is to succinctly summarize and condense the main arguments and findings of the specific case.  The key to remember is that less is more.

What is a Case Briefs Format?

It is important to understand that there are numerous types and formats of case briefs that are used in the legal field.  There 5 distinct types of briefs that are commonly used within the law school classroom: (1) Standard Classroom Case Brief Format, (2) Bullet Point Case Briefs, (3) Book Case Briefs, (4) Professional Case Briefs, and (5) “Jockey” Case Briefs.