If you are preparing for law school or looking into different law school programs, it is important to know about the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) and what scores are considered passing in your particular state.  Although the UBE can be applied across state lines, you will need to have a passing score within the state which you want to practice in.  We have gone through and collected all of the current states that allow for the uniform bar exam and their passing UBE Scores.

UBE Scores by State

Check out our full list of passing UBE scores across 20+ states here in the United States.  While only 25 states currently allow for the uniform bar exam, we will be adding more states as they come available.

Alabama 260
Alaska 280
Arizona 273
Colorado 276
Connecticut 266
District of Columbia 266
Idaho 280
Iowa 266
Kansas 266
Minnesota 260
Missouri 260
Montana 266
Nebraska 270
New Hampshire 270
New Jersey 266
New Mexico 260
New York 266
North Dakota 260
Oregon 284
South Carolina 266
Utah 270
Vermont 270
Washington 270
West Virginia 270
Wyoming 270

For more information on the Uniform Bar Exam and UBE click here.