What are Legal Abbreviations?

Legal abbreviations are abbreviations of legal terms that are commonly used within the legal and law fields.  The use of legal abbreviations throughout your law school and professional career will save you time, money, and enhance your professionalism.  Begin mastering and using these abbreviations starting today, so that they become second-nature.

Legal Abbreviations: Part 1 of 3

Legal Term Abbreviation/Symbol
About re:
Affirmed Aff’d.
Against a/st.
American Bar Association ABA
Appeal Ap
Appellant Apl
Appellate Court AC
Article Art
Attorney atty
Bankruptcy BR or B/R
Because b/c
Case Book CB
Cause of Action c/a
Chapter c.
Chapters cc.
Class Action CA
Common Law CL
Complaint c/a
Constitution Cx
Contract K
Contract K
Counter Claim C-C


Legal Abbreviations: Part 1 of 3

Legal Abbreviations: Part 2 of 3

Legal Abbreviations: Part 3 of 3