What is a legal memorandum?  What is a legal memo?

How do you write a memo, is a question that 1L’s face each year at law school.  Law schools have placed an increased emphasis on legal writing and analysis.  There is a movement in law schools to provide practical training and skills that will be used in law industry.  Understanding how you write a memo is an important element of this process.

So what is a legal memorandum?  What is a legal memo?

A legal memorandum or law memorandum is a document that addresses a particular issue or question, and provides an analysis.  Typically an internal document, the legal memo includes 1) question presented, 2) short answer/conclusion, 3) facts, and 4) discussion.  However, it is important when learning what is a legal memorandum that the format can change.  Each law firm or government agency will have a specific style preferred so make sure to confirm what style is expected of you.