Are you a current law school student looking for the best bar review course for free?  Would you be interested in earning an extra $4,000?  Who wouldn’t!  As a current law school student or perspective college graduate, it is crucial to plan ahead and secure the maximum amount of aid.

If you plan on practicing law you will be required to sit for the bar in the state that you want to practice in.  These bar exams are the culmination of 3 years of law school, and often months of studying with one of the premier bar review courses.  After three years of law school, you want to choose the best bar review course to prepare you for the bar.  These bar review courses and bar review online programs cost anywhere from $500-$4000 generally.  However, you can get them for free if you play your cards right.

How to Get the Best Bar Review Course FREE
The secret behind how you can get the best bar review course for free is to become a bar rep or bar representative for your school.  Most of the large bar review courses and bar review programs have students at each school that act as representatives for the company.  In exchange for signing up students and learning about the course, these bar review courses will often waive your personal bar review course fees.

Here are some tips and recommendations for becoming a representative for the best bar review course:

  • Look for the bar review course table or representatives during the first weeks of school and make sure to introduce yourself and ask about becoming a representative.
  • Remember that they are looking for a sales person so be personal, memorable, and leverage your skills and how you could benefit the bar review course.
  • Speak to the top three bar review courses and make sure you are on their radar in case there are waiting lists.
  • If you are 2L or 3L they will sometimes post ads or openings within your law schools message boards, job boards, or simplicity accounts.
  • Some bar review courses will also honor money you paid to a competitor or waive fees if you join their program.
  • Make sure that you ask each about the bar passage rates, length of time, review style, and also how many students at the school are enrolled in their program.
  • Make sure you also understand the representative requirements for each of the bar review courses.  Some bar review or bar exam courses require a minimum amount of signups from the students to waive your fee, or they will just choose to pay you per signup and count that towards your bar exam review course.
  • Make sure to ask as well about reimbursement programs if your law firm will pay for your bar review course.  Often these bar exam courses will allow the law firm to pay for the course, and then pay you a specified amount in exchange for the hours/work you have done.