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We all know law school is not easy. It is not for everyone. Law school takes time time and focus, and we aim to make it a little bit easier with our Law School Training resources and materials.


Studying For Law School Made Easier

New York Law School – 2 year law school

The New York Law School has recently announced the newest 2 year law school program.  Joining Brooklyn Law School, the new 2 year law school program will allow law students to pursue a law school degree in years instead of three years.  The new New York Law School...
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Best Bar Review Course – FREE!

Are you a current law school student looking for the best bar review course for free?  Would you be interested in earning an extra $4,000?  Who wouldn’t!  As a current law school student or perspective college graduate, it is crucial to plan ahead and secure the...
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2 Year Law School Programs

Recently in the news, Obama voiced his position to reduce the required classroom instruction for law students from 3 years to a 2 year law school program.  Obama addressed a meeting at the Binghamton University in New York in regards to affordable education.  The law...
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Law School Applications Down Means Hidden Opportunities

Since the economic downturn in 2008, the number of law school applications has dramatically shifted.  Law schools saw thousands of law school applicants applying to schools to weather out the economy by enrolling in law schools.  However, the influx of students has...
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Law Student Resume Templates

Law Student Resume Templates Are you looking for law student resume templates?  Law students are facing a challenging legal field.  However, using a law student resume template provides the law student with the industry standards for law firm resumes.  Each law resume...
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