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South Carolina Law Schools

Looking for a complete list of South Carolina Law Schools? This article is focused on providing a comprehensive list of law schools in each State. Each law school is listed below. Charleston School of Law University of South Carolina School of Law   Click Here to...
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UBE States – Passing Scores for the UBE

If you are preparing for law school or looking into different law school programs, it is important to know about the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) and what scores are considered passing in your particular state.  Although the UBE can be applied across state lines, you...
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What is the UBE? Uniform Bar Exam

If you are currently in law school or looking to prepare for law school, you have heard of the bar exam and you might have come across the term UBE – Uniform Bar Exam.  But what is the UBE?  What is the uniform bar exam? What is the Uniform Bar Exam...
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New York Law School – 2 year law school

The New York Law School has recently announced the newest 2 year law school program.  Joining Brooklyn Law School, the new 2 year law school program will allow law students to pursue a law school degree in years instead of three years.  The new New York Law School...
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Best Bar Review Course – FREE!

Are you a current law school student looking for the best bar review course for free?  Would you be interested in earning an extra $4,000?  Who wouldn’t!  As a current law school student or perspective college graduate, it is crucial to plan ahead and secure the...
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